PEI - permanent printing Plate - aluminium-cast - nature

PEI - permanent printing Plate - aluminium-cast - nature

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Our continuous printing plate of its own design , made ​​of finestmilled cast aluminum material ( ACP 5080 ) and coated with PEI , that ( so as Kapton , ABS - acetone mixture , masking tape ) allows a print with ABS , PLA , PETG and many other filaments directly without any other adhesie.

The PEI - permanent printing plate is available in many different sizes . On request we produce your printing plate after drawing.

NOTE: Deliverytime from 7 Days are only for Germany. Shipping in other countries need a few more days. 

If you have wishes or other Holes regarding existing PPP´s please speak with us or endorsement it during the ordering process in the item "Comunication".

Both sides are PEI-coated.

Surface temperature for ABS : least 135Grad

After the first layer can be lowered to 100 degrees.

Surface temperature for PLA : at least 60 degrees

The temperature values ​​can vary depending on the material , however .
If dirty , the printing plate can be easily cleaned with acetone .

The printing plate is manufactured according to the order. Therefore, the delivery time is 7 days.


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